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With an entire fleet of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Marine Sanitation Devices, Sea Horse Systems stands ready to deliver your U.S.C.G. or I.M.O CertifiedMarine Sanitation Unit.

From Coast to Coast, Individual Captains, Fleet Owners, Engineers, Passengers, and Crew rely on The Powerful Sea Horse Product Line 24/7.  

Proudly Made in Louisiana, U.S.A.
Certified by The United States Coast Guard.

"Mariner Series"

stainless steel blue.png

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Units Available


The Sea Horse "Mariner Series" Marine Sanitation Device is a self-contained biological treatment system that is sized to fit almost any application.

The Sea Horse MSD's can meet any crew requirements for USCG, International, Local and State regulation. Units can also be custom-designed to fit in many tight spaces

The Mariner Series comes complete with NEMA 4 waterproof enclosures with high-level alarm, and discharge pump.

Features & Benefits:

  • USCG/IMO Certified Type II MSD

  • Meets 33 CFR 159.97 for inspected vessels

  • Low Maintenance - few moving parts and no special tools required

  • Crew sizes from 1 to 450+

  • Certified to treat up to 10000 GPD per single system

  • Meets or exceeds all EPA, State or International requirements

  • Standard configurations and custom designs

  • Operates in Fresh and Saltwater

  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Construction

  • Standard carbon steel unit

P Series

p series 1.png

Features & Benefits:

  • All units are USCG/IMO Certified Type II

  • Low Maintenance - few moving parts and no special tools required

  • Crew sizes from 1 to 16 people

  • Meets or exceeds all EPA, State or International requirements

  • Operates in Fresh and Saltwater

  • Corrosion-resistant polyethylene construction

  • Standard 1 year warranty

  • Meets 33 CFR 159.97 for inspected vessels

The Sea Horse “P Series” marine sanitation device is a self-contained biological sewage treatment system that is designed to easily be installed without the need for a shipyard or a large maintenance crew. This unit was designed to eliminate corrosion while still retaining the same reliability of the Mariner series units, all with your budget in mind.

The unit is modular and lightweight. It will fit through most watertight doors and can be handled with as few as two people. The unit is complete, self contained and ready for your vessel.

The Sea Horse Type II MSD can meet any crew requirements for USCG, Local and state regulations. The units can be sized to treat black water only or black and gray water if necessary.

The “P” Series comes complete with an integrated discharge system, remote control panel with high-level alarm.


P40  56" L X 18" W X 43" T

P70  66" L X 18" W X 43" T

IMO Series

imo sries.png

Sea Horse has developed its newest units to meet the most recent IMO Sewage Treatment Systems regulations (IMO Res. MEPC.115(51), Reg 9.1.1, and 33 CFR 159.015). Our customers have enjoyed the trouble-free operation of the
Sea Horse since the initiation of the IMO resolution in 2010.

Our units use a high-pressure discharge pump, and a media filter with a large surface area, to ensure its maximum life. In addition, our control panel removes the guesswork from the operator to ensure trouble-free operation.

Our main goal at Sea Horse is to make sure you can operate your vessel without worry from your sewage system while still maintaining the highest environmental quality.

Features & Benefits:

imo specs 2.png
  • IMO/USCG certified

  • TEFC High-Pressure Pump

  • Large Surface area filter media for long life

  • Custom sizing available

  • Units Available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic

imo specs 1.png
mariner series.png

Lift Stations & Grease Traps

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance!
Lift Stations
Parts and Supplies

Oil & Gas

Sanitation Systems

The Sea Horse Oil & Gas sanitation units are designed for offshore and onshore oil and gas wastewater treatment applications. Low maintenance, easy installation, and manufactured for years of dependable service.

oil and gas 1.png

Our units meet all USCG and IMO requirements and can be sized to meet any local, state, or federal requirements both domestically and internationally.

Versatile with a capacity to handles up to several thousand gallons per day and its ability to fit in difficult areas makes this unit unique in design. This unit is self-contained and can be delivered to your site ready for installation and operation.

We provide a maintenance program if desired to keep your unit running efficiently. Whether pre-engineered or customized this unit's design will provide the reliability you want in this type of marine sanitation equipment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Maintenance plan

  • Easy access covers

  • Easy Access/non-corrosive valve controls

  • Low maintenance disinfection systems

  • Corrosion protected

  • Coal tar epoxy inside

  • 3-part polyurethane paint system

  • Stainless steel weir basket

  • Explosion-proof blowers (optional)

  • Float controlled effluent pump (optional)

  • Alarm systems (optional)

  • Full line complementary products

specs 2.png
specs 1.png
Oil & Gas
Loaner Fleet
Need a Unit While Your Systems is Being Built?
Sea Horse Systems Maintains a Complete Service Fleet!

As a Value Added Service to our Clients,

Sea Horse Systems maintains a fully operational fleet available for short-term loan.

Loaner Fleet
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