Dear Fellow Environmentalist:

Did you know, every day in the United States alone, over 385 billion gallons of water is consumed? When you combine that with the fact our Earth has less than 1% of fresh water available, this equals a catastrophic problem for the future of our planet.

Seahorse Systems, LLC believes the future of our Earth's water supply should become every individuals concern. The Seahorse marine sanitation device was designed to be a powerful tool to aid humanity in their mission to begin taking better care of our Earth.

Your interest in our products is just another piece of the puzzle needed to improve our Earth's supply of fresh water. We believe a difference can be made with the combination of both teamwork and commitment.

We are excited and pleased to introduce to you the Seahorse marine sanitation device! We believe you will agree - it is the wastewater treatment system you can depend on for reliability and optimum efficiency.

The Seahorse can be engineered to fit most small, hard to fit areas and handle many different capacities. Seahorse Systems is committed to the continued performance and technological innovation of our units.

Outperforming the competition, the Seahorse Research and Development Team never rests in its dedication to technological advancement and system enhancement.

Providing a quality product at a competitive cost, Seahorse strives to maintain our reputation in the industry as the Leader in environmental quality.

We are pleased to introduce the Seahorse Marine Sanitation Device. We have been providing the finest in packaged wastewater treatment systems to a base of satisfied customers that spans the United States. The stars behind the operation are the USCG and IMO certified models.

Thank you for giving Seahorse Systems, LLC the opportunity to provide you with this powerful tool. We hope you will find the information within this manual informative and useful and look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your future environmental and wastewater needs.


Seahorse Systems